DR-BIG Jahrestreffen 2009
The countryside between Lippe and Ruhr, following the course of the river Emscher, nestling between Dortmund and Duisburg, is expecting you from ,may 21st to 24th 2009
We welcome you to the annual meeting 2009
This year we will be guest on the area of MC Schleuse III in Oberhausen
Thursday, 21st, till Sunday 24th of may 2009
Arrivals starting thursday noon
Camp of the MC Schleuse III
Sühlstr 63 - 46117 Oberhausen
Look here....

The event will be organized by the "Ruhrpott - Stammi" under the direction of
Hannes - Lemmi - Willy - Zadak - and many other helping hands

Registering - Coming along - Having fun - Meeting frieds - Driving bike
Any registered attendee will receive a name badge on arrival at the orga-office.
Catering, food and drinks, will be on a coupon base. Coupons can be purchased at the orga-office. In addition we have to ask for a small fee, to cover our costs for the camp. The exact amount will be announced later.

On the registration please let us know, whether you arrive by camper, car and/or trailor.
Or traditionally by bike :-)
As you know the Ruhrpott is gigabtic - only our parking lot is limitted. To avoid anybody leaving outside, it will make it much easier planing the parking zone.........
Please be aware of the "Umweltzone Ruhrgebiet", you will need a environmental badge for any car - exept bikes !!!


Anyone not willing to spend the time in tent may look for accomodation in the local area.

essener strasse 259
46047 oberhausen